Best practices for cloud cost management with FinOps


Marko Lindeberg


August 23, 2022

Well-executed cloud cost monitoring is a mandatory goal for all modern IT companies that have transitioned their business to a cloud-based strategy. The challenges of executing cloud cost control are also one of the main reasons why companies choose to delay modernising their business practices and embracing cloud technologies.

How to reduce lead time in software development with DevOps and value stream management.


Erki Arus


August 9, 2022

The expectations for the speed of software development have risen considerably since the 1980s. Our audience no longer accepts a year of waiting for the next software version, and as developers we need to keep up with this pace. The audience is expecting us to deliver fast and often. To meet these expectations, we need to remove waste and speed up the development process. And...

Why do an AWS well-architected review?


Tarmo Trumm


July 26, 2022

The well-architected review is a specific process that compares your actual practices with the AWS well-architected framework. This framework is a collection of wisdom based on Amazon’s experience and learnings that they’ve acquired from years of running workloads in the cloud. It consists of six topics of cloud application security best practices. These topics are called pillars, and...

How deploying infrastructure as code enables quality management practices


Rein Remmel


July 12, 2022

Infrastructure as code is an operations practice that lets system administrators and DevOps experts make their configurations reusable. All kinds of management - whether it is infrastructure configuration management or any other type of administration - can be done in two different ways.

How to become a product leader with a customer-centric mindset


Erki Arus


July 5, 2022

Success in IT usually means that a company has hit a bullseye with solving a very specific pain point for its customers. The proven way for companies to become product leaders in their space is adopting a customer-centric mindset and exercising agile practices throughout the whole organisation.