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Is Your Start-up Ready for Seamless DevOps?

Empower Your Start-up’s Innovation through DevOps Excellence

Liberate your team from infrastructure hassles once and for all. Experience faster deployments, seamless scaling, and a productive, relaxed engineering team.

Experience Faster Deployments, Seamless Scaling, and a Productive, Relaxed Engineering Team with Entigo

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Navigating Start-up Challenges

We know where it hurts, and that is why we are battling the most significant technological barriers for companies that build successful software-driven products.

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Our solutions

Entigo empowers you to deploy when you are ready, scale limitlessly, and break free from technological complexities. Stay laser-focused on product innovation and leave the rest to us. We deliver future-proof solutions that grow with you.

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Seamless Scalability

Achieve rapid and stable growth while ensuring security and reliability.

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Simplified Infrastructure

Streamline and simplify your infrastructure, reducing complexity for your team.

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Empowered Engineering Team

Empower your engineering team by freeing up valuable resources and time.

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Effortless DevOps Integration

Seamlessly integrate DevOps excellence into your processes without the need for extensive in-house knowledge.

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Enhanced Developer Experience

Elevate developer satisfaction, productivity, and overall experience.

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Your continuous improvement journey toward exceptional software delivery performance

< 15 min

Lead time for changes

< 30 min

Time for developer onboarding

< 1 hour

Time to a new dev environment

< 5%

Change failure rate

Instant feedback


Waiting time

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How we work

How we work with you

Our commitment is to empower your product's success and innovation journey every step of the way. Our approach starts with a thorough understanding of your business case. Then we design a customized Developer Experience, modernize your infrastructure, implement efficient workflows and tools, and provide comprehensive DevOps-as-a-Service support on-demand.

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Understand the business case

  • Focus group interviews
  • Well-Architectured Review
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Build technical and organizational capability

  • Design the desired Developer Experience
  • Prepare the infrastructure through modernization or cloud migration
  • Modernise and Implement workflows and tools to enable the desired Developer Experience
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Focus on the product

  • Managed infrastructure and tools
  • DevOps-as-a Service Support

Why partner with us?

Because Entigo delivers DevOps excellence

Developer experience engineering

We're dedicated to enhancing developer experience. Our primary goal is to empower your software developers with the best tools, practices, and support. With DevX, you'll experience smoother workflows, increased productivity, and a happier development team. It's all about making your software development journey as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Site Reliability Engineering

We combine data-driven decision-making, automation, and well-defined processes to help you achieve peace of mind. Our SRE experts work tirelessly to automate processes, set clear Service Level Objectives (SLOs), and optimize your infrastructure. It's all about delivering rock-solid stability and reliability, so you can focus on innovation and growth with confidence.

Kubernetes excellence

Entigo is your go-to team of Kubernetes experts for orchestrating containers and managing scalable, resilient applications. We specialize in harnessing the full potential of Kubernetes to seamlessly orchestrate, manage, and scale your containerized applications. Our team of experts and trainers will guide you through the Kubernetes journey, helping you leverage its power for agile, efficient, and scalable application deployment.

Cloud-Native Technology experts

We bring years of expertise to the table, ensuring you harness the full potential of cloud-native technologies seamlessly. As your trusted AWS Advanced Partners, we bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the table, enabling you to maximize the benefits of AWS seamlessly. With Entigo, you'll have the assurance of working with top-tier AWS experts dedicated to propelling your business into the cloud-powered future.

Your peace of mind as you scale and thrive


Illimar Hirsnik



Very professional cooperation, it felt like working in one team. Entigo just doesn’t get your work done, but they also really think along and offer the best solutions for your company.


Heiki Int



Highly skilled professionals with a “let’s get stuff done” mindset! Pleasure working with them.


Tanel Tähepõld



Deep know-how on the available solutions and ability to find the best options to fit the client's needs. Variety of people in the team, so they can have the best person to solve the specific problem

What engineering teams have to say

Scaling with ease is like having a superpower, ensuring my applications can handle anything that comes their way.

- Eric

The day got a lot better and I felt like a whole new person - like a huge weight had been lifted from my chest. 10 out of 10.

- Mikk

Entigo consistently and proactively offers innovative solutions and presents its own recommendations to ensure the long-term sustainability of systems.

- Karl

No more manual server setups; I create environments on the fly. I’m more productive thanks to the DevOps magic behind the scenes.

- Martin


Ready to scale without the hassle?

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