Application Containers Training

Application containers training provides you with the basics you need to use containers and provides a prerequisite for working with container-based information systems. You will learn how to package an application into a container and use it on a workstation or server to start a service.

Using containers allows you to dramatically increase the productivity of your software delivery and maintenance activities. Containers also facilitate the automation of IT processes.

The training is based on Docker technology, the most widely used application container platform.


Who is the training for?

Training is right for you when you are:

  • software developer,
  • system administrator or
  • architect.

If you wish to learn the practical skills in building, distribution and handling of containers as well as to understand the underlying technologies, then Entigo will provide the necessary knowledge.


Benefits of application container training

The training is practical with hands-on labs. We give you the skills that you can put in use right away in your work.

  • You will learn the basics, best practices, and optimization of the container construction process
  • We will pass on our many years of practical experience
  • You know how to build and distribute application containers
  • You can start and run container services
  • You understand the underlying technologies required for container operation
  • You will learn to use one of the most important technologies of modern software infrastructure

Application Container Training provides you with the necessary knowledge on how to operate and work with containers. Training is  based on Docker technology.



The training will give you a comprehensive overview of how Docker containers work and how to make them work for your applications. The training focuses on three main themes:

How containers work

1. Introduction
2. What is a container
3. Namespace in linux kernel
4. Overview of the LAB
5. Connecting to LAB (+LAB)
6. Processes in container (+LAB)

How to build and deploy containers

7. Building and Dockerfile (+LAB)
8. Container filesystem (+LAB)
9. Registry (+LAB)

How to use containers to launch applications

10. Docker network (+LAB)
11. Docker-compose (+LAB)
12. Debugging and Logging (+LAB)

Trainer Martin Vool

rakenduse konteinerid koolitus Martin Vool

Martin has been developing and managing containers-based information systems and providing containers training since 2017. Martin is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Previously, Martin worked as a software engineer, database administrator and infrastructure architect.


Schedule and duration

Training schedule:
10.00-12.00 First session
12:00 am - 12:45 pm Lunch
12:45 - 2:15 pm Second session
2:15 pm - 2:30 pm Coffee break
2.30 pm - 4 pm Third session

Duration: 1 day


Necessary tools and background knowledge for participation

  • Personal laptop with a SSH client, browser and wifi connectivity
  • Linux command-line know-how
  • Basic knowledge of IP networks


Register to Attend

If you are interested in this training, please fill out the following inquiry form. We will respond to you with information with the next available training in your region.

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