Kubernetes Implementation

Kubernetes is a state of the art tool that makes complicated technology easier to manage. It can be used to reduce manual work, increase system reliability and improve developer productivity. Kubernetes is frequently used to transform ticket centric workflows to automated operations.

Although Kubernetes has been designed to make technology easier and more accessible, implementing it in your organisation and migration to application containers can be time consuming and challenging.

Technology learning curve

As with every technology, kubernetes and application containers too come with a learning curve that affects all of your technical teams. Your operations team needs to learn how to migrate and run application on Kubernetes. Infrastructure team has to find the best way to integrate Kubernetes with your existing infrastructure. Your developers need to understand the changed environment to write applications that can be deployed to kubernetes. Kubernetes implementation may come with a mindset shift that requires your whole company to change. 

Entigo has helped companies like Postimees Grupp to acquire necessary knowledge and experience. Our public and on-site trainings are tailored to get you team on track with your Kubernetes initiatives.

Is your organisation ready for the change?

Kubernetes operations is based on concepts like Infrastructure as Code and Immutable Infrastructure. These concepts are easy to understand, but take time to root in daily habits. Instead of making configuration changes manually, CI/CD workflow is recommended. 

Practice is the fastest way towards implementing the change. Entigo can help you with a proof of concept solution so that you team can get a hands-on experience of what it means to migrate and operate applications on Kubernetes.


Nobody likes change and it is well known that we are afraid of anything new we do not understand. Kubernetes is not an exception. There will be excuses like: It is impossible, It will not work for us, It will take ages to implement, Why do we need to break our current system - do not fix it if it is not broken, it is not secure, we have processes and compliance requirements to meet.

You and your team need to address all these fears and objections. Entigo has helped customers through this process many times. We can make it less painful to explain and clarify all concerns that your team or other departments may have in regards to Kubernetes and application containers or DevOps in general.

Too wide a choice

Technology landscape is filled with Kubernetes related tools and services. How to choose which ones are best for your organisation? It is easy to spend weeks on getting to know the landscape and doing proof of concept projects with all the tools that sound interesting. All this work does not guarantee a working solution for you organisation. 

Entigo has been part of container and cloud native community since its inception. We can help your team save time by reducing the tooling shortlist to things that work and will deliver the results you expect.

Sounds like a task for you team?

Sounds easy? How about doing it as a side project without affecting existing deadlines and service reliability? For a small team, it can be challenging to take time for an improvement project while being busy keeping existing systems up and running. 

Entigo can help you get the results faster. Our Kubernetes implementation service is designed for organisations who are looking to migrate to Kubernetes.

Our Process

Our Kubernetes implementation process consists of four steps:

  • Assessment to make sure if kubernetes a right solution to your problem
  • Training and PoC to get your team comfortable running application on Kubernetes 
  • Application modernisation support to move your application to Kubernetes
  • Cluster operations and support to give you a peace of mind.


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