Deployment Automation

See results faster and eliminate rework

Automating deployments is the first step in reducing the time it takes to release new code to production.

Get the team involved

It is the easiest way to show your overloaded team, that there is hope and get them involved in the cultural transition towards aligning (improving cooperation between) development and operations.

Deployment automation can help you reduce failure rate by 7 times and finish each full deployment task in minutes.

Meet the enemy

Reduce the time tasks wait in the ticketing systems.
Application deployment may require contributions from different teams. Automation helps to eliminate queue wait time. Tasks can be completed faster and need for ticketing bureaucracy is reduced.

Reduce rework caused by human errors

46 - 60% of manual deployments fail due to human error.

A lot of time can be wasted if a mistake, for example undocumented firewall rule, requires rework from another functional team. Deployment automation enables you to eliminate routine manual activities and considerably reduce failure rate.

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