is now Entigo

Today we are proud to announce that we are changing our company name from OÜ to Entigo OÜ. started 10 years ago as a virtual servers hosting provider. We realised that we were valued primarily for our ability to simplify software development and make systems more reliable.

Over a decade, we have helped our customers grow by supporting them with DevOps implementation and site reliability engineering services. Hosting and VPS is just one tool in a much broader portfolio of services. However, the name is mainly associated with hosting. In order to reduce the misunderstanding, we are changing our business name to Entigo OÜ.

The name Entigo is a derived from words entity and go. It refers to our mission to help people and organisations achieve more and succeed in their operations. In a software-centric world, new services and products need to be developed faster than ever before. We give you the tools to do this and help you create the right environment. We help software development teams turn source code into a reliable services.

Along with the name, our website and email addresses will also change. The website is available at Email addresses are in the form of

Our business registration number, VAT number, and address will remain the same:
Entigo OÜ
Registry code: 11677579
VAT: EE101303389
Address: Veerenni 38, Tallinn, 11313, Estonia